Valiant in our testimonies: Day 6: The light

Valiant in our Testimony of the Savior- Elder Christoffel Golden

I have a testimony of the light—the sprit—and of having daily spiritual experiences that help to strengthen the light in my life. They happen all the time, from being prompted to look up and smile at the person walking into the room, to helping a stranger pick up the handful of change they dropped on the floor, to leaving space for someone to merge on the crowded freeway. The more I follow the light—the spirt—the more the light floods my life and in turn can shine through me.

The church put out a fantastic three part video series on the light and discerning the spirit from our own thoughts and recognizing the light in our lives, and I just love one of the things Elder Bednar says:

How can we differentiate between the two? ‘We first have to act and then we can find out wether it was from God or from ourselves.’

His example is of a person who forgets to say their morning prayers and in their mind hears their mother’s voice saying ‘don’t forget to say your prayers’. Elder Bednar says another something that I love, ‘Why would God send an angel to remind you, when the spirit can help prompt the memory of your mother saying ‘don’t forget to say your prayers’ – the effect is the same. It’s enticing and inviting us to do good.

That’s a spiritual moment.

D&C 50:24
24 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

In what ways can we work to not only feel the spirit more in our lives, but remember it? Here are two thoughts from Brother Griffith’s 2014 BYU-I devotional.

1. Document the moments during the day when you have felt the Spirit.

This can be as simple as a journal entry that says ‘Today I felt the spirit when…’

2. Go back and look for patterns in your life that reveal a closeness to the spirit

When you notice the patterns of the spirit in your life—in the moments with your kiddos, in the temple, reading the scriptures, etc…—work to add more of those particular moments into your life and you will be actively inviting the spirit to be with you.

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