Valiant In Our Testimonies: Day 5: Because a God Told Me So

Recently, I have seen people falter in their faith.  Doubt, coupled with the internet seems to be a consistent factor.  This has troubled me, and I have been considering how my own testimony can be unshakeable?

If It Were Possible They Shall Deceive the Very Elect (i)

It’s important to know that this is foretold.  Our continued vigilance to the fact that Satan seems to influence many different venues is important for our eternal future.  His twisted explanation provides a poisoned version of the purest of doctrines.  Here is the question: How can we fight an enemy if we don’t comprehend that one exists?  Yes, he exists and works continually for our failure.

That same serpent who tried to change human history wants nothing less than our souls and allegiance.  We must not falter; we must not exchange our eternal joy for condemnation and misery.

Where Do We Turn For Knowledge?

Imagine this scenario: You are at war, and gain an audience with the general of the opposing side.  He tells you things that are stunning!  Some of the things he says are true, and some blatantly incorrect, but mostly he tells you things that leave you unsettled about your leaders, and the cause of your fight.   You now have questions about what is correct, and are internally examining the purity of the path you are pursuing.  He has planted little seeds of doubt with enough truth mixed in to create confusion and uncertainty.

Can you imagine the twisted “truths” the adversary would have you believe?  Perverted doctrine is all around us, and is particularly live, well, and easy to access on the internet.  It is for this reason we have to be very cautious regarding where we seek for our answers.  Do not give the adversary an audience by seeking in places that present incorrect, incomplete, or biased information.

Pure doctrine is found in the scriptures and should be clung to with all of our might, but what about subjects not covered in the scriptures?  What about historical issues that might test and try our faith?

Elder Ballard’s advice on this subject is, “When something has the potential to threaten our spiritual life, our most precious family relationships, and our membership in the kingdom, we should find thoughtful and faithful Church leaders to help us.  And, if necessary, we should ask those with appropriate academic training, experience, and expertise for help.  This is exactly what I do when I need an answer to my own questions that I cannot answer myself.  I seek help from my Brethren in the Quorum of the Twelve and from others with expertise in fields of Church history and doctrine.”

Elder Ballard added, “James did not say, ‘if any of you lack wisdom, let him Google!’ (see James 1:5).” (ii)

The Source of ALL Knowledge Gives Us Testimony

What happens when historical records are incomplete, and those who were players in our queries have long been buried and are unavailable to answer questions?  When we’ve applied faith and study, yet still fall short of answers, what then?

Enter Deity.

In truth, God should be part of the process of seeking answers from the beginning, but at this junction, He is the answer.  He who knows the truth of all things will not forsake our earnest questions.  Heavenly Father may or may not fill in missing facts regarding our questions, but He does fill us with peace and testimony.  In truth we can say,  “I don’t know all things, but what I do know is sufficient for now.”

Testimony can fill our hearts in such a way that though we don’t understand all the little details, a God has told us it is true, and that is more than enough.  Such knowledge makes anything to the contrary inconceivable.

My own experiences with gaining knowledge and wisdom directly from Heavenly Father make me completely certain, that though I do not yet understand all things, I can have confidence that what I do know is correct.  More than that, I not only believe; I can know.  Through God, I can gain a testimony of absolutely anything and can declare with complete certainty of its truthfulness because a God told me so.  And so can you.

Jeni Brockbank and her husband Bart are parents to 6 amazing children. She finds great joy in being a wife and mother and feels that both callings are sacred privileges. Jeni is a continual student of the scriptures and loves to share her testimony with anyone who will listen. She teaches choir, is crafty and is grateful on a daily basis to live a few blocks from the Brigham City, UT temple.


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