Who we are

Who is She Teaches Fearlessly?

We’re so happy you asked!
We are a team of LDS women who are dedicated to answering President Nelson’s call in the October 2015 LDS Conference. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and most of all Children of a loving Heavenly Father.

Kelly Westover – Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Taylor Morrell – Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Emily Mecham – Writer, Finance Guru

Chelsea Johnson – Writer

Christy Warnick – Writer, Photographer, Travel Guru, Graphic Designer

Cindy Maudsley – Writer

Anna Robbins – Writer, Service Project Maven

Courtney Parker – Writer & Marriage & Family guru

Kaylie Barney – Writer, Hand-letter Artist,
Graphic Designer

Keisha Burdick – Writer

Erika Sweeting – Writer, Graphic Designer

Britt Hanson – Writer

Ashley Ziegler – Writer, Photographer

Maryn Jenkins – Writer, Photographer,
Graphic Designer

Desirae Ogden – Writer & Fearless Cancer Survivor

Jen Rockwood – Writer

Brandi Westover – Writer

Arianna Rees – Writer, Vegan mama

Amber Walunas – Writer

What type of contributions are you looking for?

Our goal is to help uplift and inspire LDS women as we teach the gospel in our homes, neighborhoods and communities.
Some contribution ideas might include:
*but are not limited to*

-Your conversion story
-FHE lessons
-Modest Fashion Posts
-Service experiences
-Service ideas
-Gospel centered finance ideas
-Living a gospel centered Marriage
-Teaching friends the gospel through your example
-Living a Christ-like life
-LDS Printables
-Personal missionary work
-How you magnify your church calling(s)
-Ideas on keeping your temple (body) healthy
-Food Storage tips & helps

We have a few long-term goals

We are firm believers in sharing our goals and trusting in the Lord to help us achieve those goals,
so we’d like to share a few of our long-term goals with you now.


In the (hopefully not too distant) future we are aiming to create daily devotionals that follow the LDS Sunday School Study guides, starting with the Book Of Mormon. These are meant to be a daily source of higher learning of the gospel for all of us She’s (and He’s) so that we can more fully prepare ourselves for the coming lessons. These are also meant to help spiritually feed those who’s callings keep them away from traditional Sunday School classes and the deeper learning that happens there.

Ideally these will be made available as posts, here on the site, as well as printed books to make it easy to follow along.
To help offset the cost of these books any funds that come from sponsorships on this site
will go directly toward subsidizing these books.


As a companion to the daily devotional printed books and posts here on the site,
we would like to develop an app that will allow for even easier studying and daily reminders-if notifications are turned on.
(If you’re an app developer this section just might be for you…*wink, wink*)


Ideally, we really, really want to be your friend.
Will you help us spread the word about this site and share it with your friends?
We’ll be sharing just about everything we do here on Instagram, FacebookPinterest and Twitter
and we’d really love it if you joined us.

Thank you sisters. Thank you friends.
Thank you Heavenly father for the time and talents of your humble servants.

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