Valiant in our Testimonies: Day 7: Faith Not Fear

“We can be blessed to conquer our fears and strengthen our faith as we follow the Lord’s instruction.” – David A. Bednar

We live in a world that is constantly in commotion.  Divisiveness explodes off of our news feeds and computer screens until we find ourselves wanting to curl up into the fetal position and never leave the comfort of our beds.  At least, that is how I have felt on more than one occasion.  But there is one thing that can reach through the commotion and divisiveness and pull me out of my cloud of fear.

My testimony of and faith in the Savior.

“Look unto me in every thought.  Doubt not.  Fear not.”  D&C 6:36

It’s the simplest of instructions from the Lord and yet, it is something that is often overlooked; especially when we spend too much time reading about this catastrophe or that politician or a whole host of other things floating around in Facebook land.

Well my friends, I am telling you right now, overcoming fear is as simple as looking to the Savior in every thought.  With Him there is no need to doubt; there is no need to fear.  The formula is simple, but we make it complex.

“I know that by acting on our faith in Him we can be cleansed and changed to become pure and strong, as a little child.” –President Henry B. Eyring

Stand strong in your faith in the Savior.  Fill your minds with thoughts of Him instead of what’s lurking on your social media feed.  Look to Him.  Trust in Him.  With Him, there is no need to fear.


I grew up the oldest of 5 children in the blazing heat of Southern Utah. After high school and some college experience I met and married Mark Ogden and we are the parents of four children. I have owned and operated my own home-based preschool for more than a dozen years, and I consider myself an accidental author as well. When I am not in my minivan transporting children from one activity to the next, I enjoy playing the piano, blogging, speaking about my life’s experiences, and feeding my insatiable crafting disease.


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