Visiting Teaching: June 2017: Priesthood Power Through Keeping Covenants

I can be hard to understand how we can access the power of the priesthood. We know that we can access it through blessings and temple work, but there are more ways.

How do we learn of more ways to access the priesthood power? Follow the council of Russell M. Nelson and kneel before the Lord humbly in pray and simple ask. He will answer you in His time and in His way and in ways you may not expect on how you can access priesthood power. Make sure that you are worthy to receive that personal revelation. It is a most beautiful and humbling experience to receive communication and understanding from Heavenly Father through the spirit.


Visiting Teaching Message

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God is Calling: Lesson 3 & Conclusion

How is your “Creating Zion” task going so far?  I definitely have a long way to go, but I am grateful for the lessons that Elder Holland has shared with us.  Let’s explore Lesson #3… But first, a story to set the lesson up. Story #3:  The Police Officer   My heart aches for the…

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God is Calling: Lesson 2

Are you enjoying these posts as much as I am?  I hope so.  I also hope that I have been able to stay true to the spirit of Elder Holland’s talk even though I am splitting it up into bite-sized chunks.  You have to do that with an Elder Holland talk sometimes.  He offers too…

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God is Calling: Lesson 1

Have you had time to savor the first portion of Elder Holland’s talk yet? If you are a bit confused about what I am talking about, may I direct you to my previous post where I introduced the talk, “Israel, Israel, God is Calling” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.  This talk packs a powerful punch…

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Israel, Israel, God is Calling

If I could have three wishes, they would be… To eat chocolate any time I want to and not gain any weight. To visit my extended family whenever I want, no matter where we are all living. To teach with the fire, passion, and spirit that Elder Holland teaches with. To me, he is a wonderful example…

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Visiting Teaching: May 2017: General Conference

I love the months following General Conference. I love seeing all the quotes that flood social media for a few weeks afterward. I wish that there was a constant flood, but alas it trickles down after a few weeks. Wouldn’t you like a place that you could go to every morning, or whenever you needed…

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The Plan of Salvation: Day 7: What Happens When I Die

Heaven or Hell? “Who are you talking to Mama?” my grandmother asked as she and I entered the room of my great grandmother.  Her room was void of visitors, but these days it wasn’t uncommon for Grandma-Great to talk to no one in particular.  At this point, she wasn’t eating well, would repeat treasured stories…

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The Plan of Salvation: Day 5: Remembering The Plan, Choose to Believe

How can we choose to believe when we pass through affliction? I know a mother of 3 who is a young widow still in her 20’s. I have friends who struggle with same-sex attraction. People I love are married to a spouse struggling with same-sex attraction. I know many who battle depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental health…

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The Plan of Salvation: Day 3: The Eternal Pattern of Councils

The pattern of creating and participating in councils is woven throughout the doctrine of the Plan of Salvation. The concept is ingrained in our DNA as Latter Day Saints. We fundamentally believe that in the pre-existence, we gathered as spirit children of our Father in Heaven to have a council. We heard a plan presented,…

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The Plan of Salvation: Day 2: Confronting Death

I remember washing the dishes on that sunny afternoon, my mind wandering, thinking ahead to all that needed to be accomplished. A clear thought came into my mind: “Call your grandparents.” I was surprised and caught off guard by what I considered to be a misplaced thought. I told myself I’d get around to calling…

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