Visiting Teaching: April 2017: Oath & Covenant of the Priesthood

To be honest, I didn’t really understand what the oath and covenant of the priesthood is. So thanks to the search option, I found a definition that I’d like to share.

We receive the holy priesthood by an “oath and covenant.” This means that Heavenly Father gives us His oath that we can have the power and blessing of the priesthood if we covenant with Him to magnify our callings, be faithful in keeping the commandments, and live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. {source}

Even after reading that I’m still a little confused. But what I do know, is that through prayer Heavenly Father can help us understand what that means to us personally.

When I think about trying to understand the oath and covenant of the priesthood, I think about attending the temple. Going through the endowment ceremony is something I think can help us understand more. It can help us look past the worldly views and definitions and truly embrace the eternal views and definitions. Does that make any sense at all?

I do know this… We won’t understand it all in one day and probably not in a year. Many prophets have said that they learn something new every time they attend the temple, so I’m pretty sure that we will always be learning something new every time we study about the oath and covenant. So study it often. Learn often. Pray often. The Lord helps you understand things when you’re ready to understand them. Step by step. Line upon line. Precept upon precept.

Visiting Teaching Message

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