Book of Mormon: Day 328: Divine Signatures

Today’s Reading: Mormon 9:13-28

21 Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

In his book, “Divine Signatures”, Elder Gerald N. Lund says:

“Sometimes the Lord sends His blessings in such a highly unusual, dramatic, or precisely timed manner, that it might be likened to a “divine signature.” It is as though the Lord “signs” the blessing personally so that we will know with certainty that it comes from Him. In doing so, God not only gives us the blessing, but at the same time He strengthens our faith and deepens our testimony of Him.”

Five years ago I experienced what I like to call a “game changer” moment. A divine signature that on the surface may seem extremely simple, but was so profoundly personal I have never been the same. We had just moved 2000 miles away from family and friends. My husband had taken a job with PWC in Washington D.C., and so we packed up and took our two littles and made the trek East. I had yet to live outside of Utah long term so moving across the country to the nation’s capital was a HUGE awakening for me. Our first month there, we lived in a dingy basement apartment that was super dark and depressing. It rained constantly, as hurricane Irene had just swept up the East coast only 2 weeks before we arrived. My husband’s work hours and commute made it so we rarely saw him, and my kids were young and struggled to adjust to our new life. I spent every waking moment looking for a more permanent place to live. It was the most discouraging and lonely month of my life to that point.

After weeks of searching and realizing that the East coast was steeply overpriced, I began to panic and despair. Would we ever find a decent place to raise our babies? Even just thinking about that time brings back all sorts of bittersweet emotions. But God in His goodness knew exactly how that story would play out. As I prayed, fasted, and studied the scriptures like never before, I felt like I was given the faith I needed to trust in Him even when things didn’t make sense. Then slowly, with time, things started falling into place.

One day shortly before our apartment lease was up, I found myself standing in a brightly painted living room in a townhome just out of our price range, feeling a peace that “passeth all understanding”. I knew we needed to live there. I didn’t know how or why, but I KNEW. I lay awake all that night holding my crying baby, pleading silently for a miracle. It felt ridiculous to beg, but I did. All.night.long. Just before dawn I quietly whispered aloud, “Please tell me how we can make it work!”

And then it happened.

My dear, sweet, amazingly-in-tune-with-the-Spirit mother had awoken right then (at 4am her time) and felt prompted to text me these few short (but miraculous) words, “Dad and I will help cover the extra rent.” I sat in the darkness of that dingy apartment, 2000 miles away from all I had ever known, completely stunned. There are no mortal words to describe what I felt in that moment. It was so precisely timed, so exactly personal. It was as if God himself had sent that text. I will never forget that moment or the thousands that have followed as my spiritual eyes were opened to all the miracles constantly happening all around me. The blessings alone that came from living in that townhome still overwhelm me. And I can feel even now, years later, the all-encompassing love I felt from my Father as He spoke to me in the quiet of the morning.

God WANTS to bless us. He wants to bless YOU. I ask you to let go of fear. Let go of doubt. Believe that He can and will work miracles in your life. Believe that He already does. And watch as your eyes are opened to the beautiful “divine signatures” He is sending to you.

I have four kiddos and live just outside Atlanta, Georgia. I am married to the best man Canada has ever produced and I admittedly have an unhealthy relationship with dark chocolate chips and sweatpants. But I love to make people smile and I relish the joy that comes from helping other humans see their divinity. I genuinely share Sister Marjorie Hinckley's sentiment when she said, "I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived."


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