Book of Mormon: Day 324: Make all things known

Today’s Reading: Mormon 8:1-12

12 And whoso receiveth this record, and shall not condemn it because of the imperfections which are in it, the same shall know of greater things than these. Behold, I am Moroni; and were it possible, I would make all things known unto you.

What would it be like to have ‘all things made known unto you’?
I’ve been pondering some pretty large things lately. Things that have great impacts on my family, friends and spheres of influence. I’ve been studying, pondering, praying and temple visiting over these large things and I can honestly say that I have had things ‘made known unto’ me.

So now what? In practice, it seems almost too simple to have things made known unto me these days. The spirit whispers so sweetly to my soul that I can’t help but recognize and hear it plainly. The thing that I personally find harder these days is acting upon these pieces of knowledge. Whether it be the ‘small’ prompting to smile, hug and uplift another or the ‘larger’ prompting to walk blindly into the darkness and trust that He will light the path ahead. It is much harder to walk those few paces in seeming blindness, even with the sweet promptings and assurance that I know it is the right path and the right thing to do.

I’m sure to not be the only person faced with similar circumstances, so I had to ask the questions – how can we overcome this trial? How can we move past our fears and act in grater faith?

Here are three ideas that quickly came to mind – and their conference talk counter parts, because I am a sucker for scriptural back-up:

  1. Believe – This one might not feel much like an action, but Elder Holland assures us that it is. The fact that every article of our collective faith begins with the phrase ‘We Believe’ is no accident. When we exercise belief, we take the first step toward conviction.
  2. Be Charitable – One of my favorite Sunday school teachers regularly reminds us that Charity is a gateway virtue. The act of charity opens us up and elevates us to that higher plane, allowing us to move past our fears and toward the path we are being lead to. (Notice I said move past, not get over. It is my belief that the Lord often needs us to retain our fears and to continually learn to move past them in faith in order to grow. There are many scars and personal circumstances that we each need to have in this life in order to become who and what the Lord needs us to be.)
  3. Be Patient – Which almost seems counter intuitive to action. However we have learned fairly recently from Elder Uchtdorf that patience require[s] actively working toward worthwhile goals and not getting discouraged when results [don’t] appear instantly or without effort. Actively working toward worthwhile goals. <3


“We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.” —Articles of Faith 1:3

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