Book of Mormon: Day 297 : She did give glory to Jesus

Today’s Reading: 3 Nephi 20:1-15

 Now, when the multitude had all eaten and drunk, behold, they were filled with the Spirit; and they did cry out with one voice, and gave glory to Jesus, whom they both saw and heard.

I just returned with my six children (ages 3-15) from a three day road trip to a few national parks: Mesa Verde, Canyonlands, and the Grand Canyon, and additional stops at Lake Powell and Dead Horse Point.  These beautiful destinations were just was magnificent as they were in my childhood. What made all the driving and effort worth it was to hear my children say, “Thanks, Mom that was better than I thought,” “Thank you for driving,” or “Thank you for taking us there.”

In 3 Nephi 20 the Savior miraculously provides bread and water for the multitude. After they eat and drink they are filled with the Spirit, cry with one voice and give glory to Jesus. Verse nine reads, “They did cry out with one voice and gave glory to Jesus.”  The next verse again mentions, “And when they had all given glory to Jesus…”  What does it mean to give glory to Jesus?  Do we do this when taking the Sacrament?

We can give glory to Jesus by the way we live, however in this setting it appears giving glory to Jesus meant vocalizing their praise, gratitude and honor.

I love the idea of praising Jesus anytime, especially relating to the Sacrament– recognizing it is only because of Him that we can repent, that we can try again, that we can have hope.

The arduous road trip with my children was something I wanted to do with them whether they liked it or not.  Since my good husband did not come along, it was taxing physically and mentally.  I wanted to provide a memorable and positive experience for them. My happiness was not contingent on their gratitude for the trip. Nonetheless, I realized their expressions of gratitude added to my happiness because I know when they are appreciative they are actually happier.  Along the same lines, Jesus does not need the glory we give him; we are the beneficiaries when we give glory to Jesus. When we express gratitude for spiritual experiences, for the ordinance of the Sacrament, for the chance to repent, when we thank Him for His goodness, when we give glory to Jesus, we are the blessed.

Lani was blessed to be born in Hawaii, raised in San Diego, live on the east and west coast, and to have traveled extensively throughout the world. She loves being a mom (98% of the time) to six super children, a wife, & a student and teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lani is a marriage and family educator, avid runner, hiker, and maker of smoothies, salsa, and hummus. She writes books, speaks at EFY and Education Week, and is trying to master the vital skill of not taking on too much.


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  • You are a ROCKSTAR for taking 6 children on the road alone!! WOW! I love the idea of praising my Jesus anytime as well. <3