Book of Mormon: Day 166: I Trust

 Today’s ReadingAlma 6-7:10

But behold, I trust that ye are not in a state of so much unbelief as were your brethren; I trust that ye are not lifted up in the pride of your hearts; yea, I trust that ye have not set your hearts upon riches and the vain things of the world; yea, I trust that you do not worship idols, but that ye do worship the true and the living God, and that ye look forward for the remission of your sins, with an everlasting faith, which is to come.
(emphasis added)

As I was reading through this block of scripture, this particular verse stuck out to me with how many times Alma says that he trusted the people were in a better place spiritually and emotionally than their brethren.

I paused and read this verse several times to myself. Each time I pictured a different person talking to me. Not necessarily using the same words, but using the same phrase, “I trust…”. Then, as I was contemplating on how I wanted to word this blog post, I started thinking about all the times I have, or will use the phrase, “I trust…”.

What do you trust? Whom do you trust?

What do you trust? — cars to function, a/c to turn on, the washer and dryer to clean the clothes, the dishwasher to clean the dishes, the windows to close when it rains, the chairs and table to be sturdy…

Whom do you trust? — our parents to love and guide us, our spouse to be faithful and kind, our children to obey and be righteous, our leaders and teachers to be guided by the spirit, our Father in Heaven to always be there, ourselves…

Ourselves? Do you trust yourself?

There are days that I’m not sure I trust myself. There are days when the lack of sleep and frustration build to a point where I’m embarrassed. There are moments during those days, that I have to lay my sweet baby on the floor while she cries, or step away from my son, to regain composure and say a silent prayer for peace and strength.

…a temperate soul–one who is humble and full of love–is also a person of increased spiritual strength. With increased spiritual strength, we are able to develop self-mastery and to live with moderation. We learn to control, or temper, our anger, vanity, and pride. With increased spiritual strength, we can protect ourselves from the dangerous excesses and destructive addictions of todays’ world.
-Kent D. Watson 2009

I have found that on the days that I don’t trust myself, I’m spiritually weak. But as I pray, read my scriptures, and study conference talks, I can feel my soul become humble. I can feel the spiritual strengthening and the confidence grow to trust myself and be trusted. I can feel the love my Heavenly Father has for me, for always striving.


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