Visiting Teaching: June 2016: Temple Ordinances & Covenants

The temple is a sacred place and the closest that we can get to our Father in Heaven while on this earth. The more time that we spend in the temple, the more that we can learn and grow. The temple ordinances and covenants are there to provide us with a power and strength to make it through this earthly live and endure all of our trials, whether they be big or small.

I was recently able to attend the temple and what a blessing it was. It had been at least a year since I had attended and I could feel it. As I sat in the celestial room and prayed to my Father in Heaven for strength and guidance with our next adventure in this life, I felt a peace and comfort and renewed understanding of how much He wants to help us in our daily lives. I realized over the last several months that I have ‘received personal revelation‘ and I have been ‘blessed by the ministering of angels‘. I have also been able ‘to commune with God‘ on a more personal level than ever before.

I am so grateful for the temple and the lessons that we learn every time we are able to renew our covenants and preform ordinances for those who can’t.

I urge you to very prayerfully consider this message for each one of your sisters individually.

June 2016 Visiting Teaching Message: Temple Ordinances & Covenants

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