Visiting Teaching: May 2016: Throw Away The Mirrors

Visiting teaching has become very near and dear to my heart and May’s message is focused around General Conference talks from April.

I loved the General Women’s Session when Sister Esplin spoke about how

‘true Christlike service is selfless and focuses on others.’

Being selfless comes easy for some and not so easy for others. My husband is amazing at being selfless. I have to work at it. When Sister Esplin phrased it as ‘throw away the mirror and look through the windows’ made more sense to me on how to be more selfless. Basically, we need to stop focusing on ourselves. Which is why I included the second quote.

We live in a contentious world. We give service when we don’t criticize, when we refuse to gossip, when we don’t judge, when we smile, when we say thank you, and when we are patient and kind.

So may I challenge you this month to throw out your mirror and look through the windows, serve others, and be kind and patient. Encourage your sisters to do the same. Lets strive to make this world a better place!

To view Sister Esplins talks click here
To view other General Conference talks click here

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