Today’s Talk:  Choose the Light

The light that you see with the naked eye is a form of energy, so it’s no coincidence then that the Light of Christ which is described as being in us and around us, and governing all things, has been referred to as divine energy.  [i] It’s this ultimate form of energy that helps our spirits to recognize light and truth.  It then communicates that on a physical plane via thoughts and feelings, eventually leading us to a fullness of Light.  The scriptures and prophets have taught that the more light we accept into our lives, the more perfect or complete our understanding and our nature becomes, thus enabling us to become like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Some of the greatest gifts of the restored gospel are the powerful sources of light that we have such as the scriptures, words from modern-day prophets, and ordinances in holy temples.  Most importantly, we’ve been given the gift of the Holy Ghost who acts as a personal floodlight on our path, enhancing our ability to seek and find life-changing light and truth each and every day.

Elder Stanfill’s talk about light from our last General Conference had me thinking about how we can better seek and cultivate this light in everyday life.  It’s one thing to know that God wants us to seek light, but it’s another thing to know how to make that quest a part of our daily routine and activities.

What I have found from personal experience and in mentoring others is that small and simple habits can become powerful tools for finding and cultivating light.  Our ability to seek  light and truth is made more powerful if we, through inspiration, create a consistent daily practice.  The following are some practical suggestions:

  • Start your day early.  Those first hours of the day are prime time for quiet contemplation and revelation.  The most powerful insights that I’ve received have been in those wee hours of the morning before the day is under way and life is clamoring for attention.   
  • No screen time until after scripture time.  Our family has been greatly blessed by this small tweak.  We don’t check email or social media until we’ve done our own scripture study in the morning.  It’s such a simple way to put first things first and set the tone and focus for the day.
  • Take care of your temple.  Building a healthy relationship with our bodies is essential for becoming a good receptacle for light.  Creating a nurturing environment within ourselves allows our spirits to be more sensitive. Do you feed yourself foods that support you in a healthy way?  Did you move your body today?  Did you listen and slow down when you didn’t feel well or did you do something to relax when you felt stressed?  Mother yourself, so that you can better serve others!
  • Write it down.  We receive spiritual insights, messages, directions, and ideas throughout the day, but it’s so easy to get distracted and forget.  Have a notepad handy and jot it down right away.  This will help you to remember and then act, enhancing your ability to recognize and receive more heavenly light and truth.
  • Be still.  We tend to relish our ability to be productive multi-taskers.  As women, we sometimes don’t think there’s any other way!  I have found that choosing to be still by creating a quiet space in our mind allows the Spirit to be heard more clearly.  Ditch the earbuds occasionally on your morning run.  Peel potatoes with the t.v. off.  Incorporate something daily like yoga, meditation, or a walk–anything that helps you to temporarily slow down and allows your thoughts to settle.  In this way, the Spirit won’t have to compete!

In these ways and more, we can more fully choose the light and let it teach us, testify to us, and transform us.


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