Book of Mormon: Day 66: I am a God of Miracles

Today’s Reading: 2 Nephi 27

23 For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith.

Have you ever stopped to ponder that verse? It is profound. God, our Father in Heaven, who is unchanging is a God of miracles. And He works His miracles in our lives – in mine and in yours – according to our faith.

Have you ever needed a miracle? Have you ever been a place where you are physically, mentally or spiritually completely stuck – the place where you’ve fought and slogged and done every thing you can do and can go not one step further? In that place have you turned to your Father in Heaven? And has He helped? Did He move the boulder in your path? Or did He smooth the jagged rocks below you? Did He calm the raging seas around you? Do you have the faith to command miracles in your life?

Did you know that you can be empowered to command miracles?

I recently started a new job after 2.5 years of traveling around the world. I’m sure 2.5 years of travel sounds quite glamorous, and it was at times, but there was so much more to it than just travel. It was a journey of great personal consequence – one I gave to the Lord. And He tried and tested me and proved to me that I could be obedient and faithful in all things. So, after 2.5 years of trials, tests and stretching the Lord brought me to a point where I could go no further. I had not the power – financially, to even buy another tank of gas. But I did have His promise that all would be fine and I had His direction that I was to fear not.

I don’t know who said it, but when I was waiting and watching and working for the miracles I needed in my life I came across this quote:

I knew I had been exactly obedient. And I knew the Lord would keep His promises to me. So I got down on my knees and said a prayer that went something like this:

“Father I have followed thy direction and I can now go no further. I need thy miracles now. Please stretch forth thy arm and provide the way.”

Fifteen minutes later my phone rang because week prior I’d followed a prompting to apply for a job that “randomly” showed up in my email. Following that call I had two interviews on consecutive days and a job offer the third day. And it wasn’t just any job. It was my dream job. The job I’ve spent two and a half years compiling in my mind come to life. The Lord literally put it together, led me to it and put me into it.

Exact obedience. That means obedience to all of our direction, but it also means predicatory obedience: obedience to all of our covenants with the Lord.

Let us be exactly obedient. And be confident in that obedience. Let us be faithful. Let us exercise our Father’s miraculous power in our lives daily.


I'm part gypsy, part homebody, all seeker of truth. I love my Heavenly Father, family and traveling. Auntie to Payton, Leah, Morgan, Macy, Gracie, Ainsley, Audrey, Norah, Quinn, Avery & Rhys. I've traveled around the world. The place I want most to go now is back to my Father in Heaven.


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