January 2016 Visiting Teaching Message & Printable

As visiting teachers, we have an important spiritual mission to fulfill. “The bishop, who is the ordained shepherd of the ward, cannot possibly watch over all of the Lord’s sheep at one time. He is dependent on inspired visiting teachers to help him.”1

I hope that as this New Year starts we can all strive to be better visiting teachers and truly come to know those sisters who are assigned to us.

January brings the beautiful message of the Proclamation to the family to the forefront of our hearts and minds. How has the proclamation been a source of light and guidance in your life? How is the proclamation a document for our day?

I hope these printables will help you feel inspired to visit your sisters or send them a heartfelt letter and let them know that you love them.

To download; simply right click on either image and click save!!
*They are formatted as a 4×6, so you can choose to save the single image and print or save the group of three for an easier multiple print job.
Happy Visiting Teaching sweet sisters!

Find the full Visiting Teaching message for January 2016 here:
The Family: A Proclamation To The World



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